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Monday, March 2, 2015

A Psalm of God's Brilliance Seen within His Creation

My heavenly Father, the omnipotent Creator, 
whose thoughts on all of the Earth are equal with your machinations? 
You have stretched out the firmament in equations 
and, in formulas, you have developed the processes of life. 
In Your wisdom, oh Lord, You have written the genetic codes
and in Your understanding You have set the universal constants. 
Humanity thinks himself to be something
and attempts to imagine a cosmos without Your intelligence;
yet, does mankind not know 
that he follows the same rules You have set up to govern physical existence? 
 The microscopic complexities speak to Your brilliance, 
the vastness of the universe speaks to Your magnificence. 
Oh Lord, there is no scientist on Earth 
who exhibits intellectual abilities comparable to Your knowledge. 
You have designed creation in a form of completion 
but human design must start from the inception of an idea.
Oh heavenly Father,You deserve constant recognition. 
You have created the human mind with the ability to understand mathematics.
You deserve the utmost respect.
You have blessed humanity with a comprehension of biology. 
Thank you Father for the mercy you have bestowed upon Your creation.
May you always be praised.