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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why Gaming is Leaving Me Behind. Part 3.

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Now presenting the third and final chapter of what I find unappealing in the current gaming climate...

The Politics. I am a Right Wing kind of guy and you might be wondering why I would be so disappointed with the myriad of military shooters out there which should be to my liking. Well, unlike most modern players who seem to buy games only for the multiplayer aspect, I actually like to play through the game’s plot. One of the worst experiences I had playing through a game’s story was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The first game’s plot was not very memorable and the only thing I can remember is the main character dying in a nuclear blast. 

The game in question, however, is memorable for all of the wrong reasons. The game starts out with the mission No Russian which I had no problem with because, like any 1980s action movie, it seemed to be setting up the terrorist villain as a horrible person that you can’t wait to kill. But, was he the final boss? No! The final boss (spoilers) was an American general who betrayed the team. The whole last mission has the player mowing through American black ops. This kind of story telling is aggravating and shows how much regard Infinity Ward (an American developer, I might add) really has for the United States. No matter how gung-ho American the developer makes their future games, I will always feel a certain falseness behind it all.

I might sound like a prude or what not, but these complaints are not from an anti-game crusader like the ridiculous Jack Thompson, they are from a genuine gamer. I have  witnessed an activity that used to be fun and exciting become a cesspool of depravity, cheating, and repelling. I want to thank the general public for ruining yet another thing I enjoy.
Although my current attitude seems to be totally anti-gaming, I still have total respect for the medium and the people who craft some interesting and vast worlds. I also can't wait for some titles to be released. When Halo 5 comes around, you can bet I will be purchasing an Xbox One. In honor of video games, I am going to count down my top 10 video games.