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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Foot Place Self Directly In Mouth Featuring Pat Robertson

It's amazing that Pat Robertson has made it twice on my site in reference to things Christian leaders should never say. His rant went something like this:

Here, Robertson is attacking Ken Ham, the Creationist who just debated Bill Nye, about his belief in Young Earth Creationism (YEC). While I might have my own disagreements with Ham on the subject, though I would agree that macro-evolution is not real scientific inquiry, the last thing Pat Robertson should be doing is attacking him on such a huge platform. Interestingly, instead of taking issue with Bill Nye's comments mocking the Biblical Flood or asserting that the Bible is not a historically accurate account of the world, Robertson decides to attack Ham and his view of Creation.

Never mind the fact that Robertson's argument is filled with mistakes and ridiculous assumptions, the real issue is his willingness to give so much ammunition to our common enemies. His comments are already making the triumphant rounds through secular circles (you can see the disgusting truth here, here, and here). It's funny that these secularists will decry Pat on his views of homosexuality but will praise him in his assessment of evolution. Is Pat Robertson so naive to think that his comments wouldn't be interpreted in this fashion?

Unity is needed in the Church today, but all Pat Robertson has done is encourage more division by attacking a whole movement of Christianity.