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Sunday, May 19, 2013

First World Mentality Cannot Deal With Third World Reality

Three true realities exist in the current world we live in. The first reality is the spiritual world. This is the plane of existence where God and the devil reside constantly in spiritual battle for the hearts and minds of men and women. Christians through the gift of God in Christ in them have the ability to tap into this world. The second reality is that of the third world where brutality reigns and wars are fought daily. It is this reality in which organizations such as the CIA, MI6, and Mossad fight to ensure Western society survives day to day. This is also the reality in which our brave military men and women have descended to fight terror. The third reality is the realm of the first world where the citizens such as Americans and Western Europeans reside. This reality affords strong individualistic endeavors and an ability to fret over material matters instead of, as in the third world, actual survival. It is in this third reality that a leftist academic delusional parallel “reality” is manifested. This worldview is one in which world peace and social fairness is within reach with the only obstacle being the capitalistic free thinking ideals of nations like the United States of America and Israel.

This na├»ve worldview has been perpetuated in the public consciousness for quite some time now. I remember when I was a child thinking about a world in peace as my teachers showed us pictures of children in all colors of the rainbow holding hands around the earth. This was inspiring to say the least, but something happened. I grew up and realized the earth is a very brutal place run by the adversary. Most people come to this conclusion, but there are some people, mainly in academia, which just can’t let go of the notion of world peace. However innocent the cause may seem, this world view is extremely dangerous with the issue more pressing than usual as the executive branch of the US government holds to it.

It is no secret that a number of leftist groups were in Egypt in the years leading up to the Egyptian revolution. Why were they in Egypt? You might ask. Well, remember these naive leftists believe the capitalistic United States, who fought fascism in the 40s and competed in a Cold War with Communist murderous dictators, and its closest ally, Israel, are the evil of the world. Working with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Egyptian tyranny and other Muslim military dictators is just a means to an end. Unlike the Communists who stirred up African anti-Colonial sentiments in 1960s and 1970s, these groups such as Code Pink are primarily made up of Americans and live in the first world reality. These people have no idea of the brutality of third world life found in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia.

Truth be told, these ignorant Americans opened up a can of worms which they are wholly unprepared to handle. This fact came to a boiling point on September 11, 2012 as we saw the Obama Administration scrambling to deal with 4 dead Americans in the streets of Benghazi, Libya and the storming of a number of consulates all over the Muslim world. It is sad because I am convinced the officials at the top thought apologizing and negotiating would win the Muslim world over. The current administration is probably shocked something like this would even happen because they can’t shake their first world mentality. The academics running the country believe everybody thinks the way Americans do. Well, welcome to reality (pun intended).

It is agonizingly weak to hear our Secretary of State try to stick up for the Libyan murderers who gave the American Ambassador over to the mobs. Her speech sounds extremely stupid congratulating those same Libyan officials for trying to carry the Ambassador to the hospital while the picture shows them dragging him dead on their shoulders. Ignorance is spewing from the statement by the US embassy in Cairo condemning those who would hurt Muslim feelings while the Egyptian mob raises an Al Qaeda sanctioned flag over the premises. I don’t know where this will all eventually lead, only God knows; however, negotiating and apologizing with people who know only brutality is not the way things should be done.