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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Richard Dawkins Proved Me Right. Can I Now Have a Treat?

Remember in Humanizing the Humanist, I pointed out that atheists and evolutionists like to break down any argument with a Christian or ID proponent into a denial of science versus “real science.” Well, I found a great example of this straight from horse’s mouth spoken by Richard Dawkins in a recent interview he did with CNN. In the interview, he says, “It’s quite wrong to believe that science reduces humanity. That science somehow gives you a bleak, cold, empty, barren, view of the universe.” Uhh! No, Mr. Dawkins, nobody who is serious about science believes that science gives a “bleak, cold, empty, barren view of the universe” because science is just the study of the natural world. However, many believe evolution to provide us with an empty view of humanity and the universe.

In this interview, Dawkins goes on to say that Creationism is not an alternative to evolution and that evolution is fact. While I disagree with the sentiment, Intelligent Design is a much better alternative to evolution because the theory resides in the scientific side of the spectrum. Creationism will always be linked to religion and Christianity no matter how unfair the categorization. Dawkins, like so many evolutionists before seem either disingenuous, ignorant, or scared to even mention ID in the interview; probably, a little bit of all three.

In the Christian Research Journal article, The Campaign to Embarrass Christians into Accepting Darwinism, Casey Luskin brings up the point that Evolutionists do not want to talk about ID because of the intellectual competition it provides against atheistic evolution. Luskin also cites a website,, which has a list 20 pages long of credentialed scientists and professors who have their doubts about Darwinism. So, when Dawkins tries to tell us no real scientists disagree with evolutionary theory, he is telling us a falsehood.