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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The 15 Greatest Christian Rock Bands: #9

9. Audio Adrenaline

If I had to choose four bands who defined Christian rock of the nineties, it would have to be Jars of Clay, dc Talk, NewsBoys, and the band in question, Audio Adrenaline. These bands were the trend setters and the talk of the scene. If you turned on late night TBN, at least one of these bands would appear on each music video show. Out of these four bands, Audio Adrenaline’s music was probably the most enigmatic.

It is hard to pinpoint Audio Adrenaline’s sound. Songs like Underdog contain ska sensibilities, while Will Not Fade has a rap rock vibe, and a song like Some Kind of Zombie is a straight up alternative rock song. I think this is all part of the Audio Adrenaline charm in that there is something for any fan of rock music.

As with most of the artists on this list, Audio Adrenaline has put out a lot of music and most of their singles have been huge Christian radio hits. In addition, the band has been a great example of how a Christian band should live off stage as the band and, especially, former lead singer Mark Stuart, are known for their missionary work abroad.

Favorite song: Some Kind Of Zombie