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Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Top 10 Christian Songs: #8

8. My Deliverer by Rich Mullins 

This song is definitely on a more traditional plane then my first two choices; however, the power of My Deliverer cannot be denied. I remember hearing My Deliverer for the first time as a teenager and I still love this song. Sadly, the writer, Rich Mullins, never got to see its final impact because he passed away before The Jesus Record (the album which contains My Delivered).
What has always caught my ear is the way Rich Mullins wrote the song. The song is much more subtle then it lets on. I love the fact that it takes a part in the Word such as Joseph, Mary, and Jesus’ trip into Egypt and it expounds upon the story in a way where it is not blatant private interpretation. The real subtlety of the lyrics, though, is found in the way the song starts with Jesus hearing the children singing about Moses and ends with us singing about Him.

My favorite version of the song is sung by Rick Elias on The Jesus Record as a tribute to Rich Mullins and the music definitely does the lyrics justice. It starts with a piano piece and children singing about the deliverer and then swells up to a chorus of adults singing about the Deliverer with key changes and the works. These touches put this song, in my opinion, in the running for one of the greatest songs ever written.