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Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Top 10 Christmas Movies: #7

7. A Charlie Brown Christmas

This is the second short cartoon movie from the 1960s in a row, but it definitely deserves to be on any top 10 list. A Charlie Brown Christmas is already populated by everyone’s favorite Peanuts characters, but imbued with a great message. The movie touts a wonderful commentary which is still poignant even today. This message involves what Christmas is really about versus the commercialism which permeates the airwaves every December.

The best part of A Charlie Brown Christmas is the scene where Linus stands on stage and quotes Luke 2. I love the fact that the TV stations leave that part in even today. Another great aspect of this movie is the song Christmas Time Is Here. I have always liked the song and it definitely encapsulates what Charlie Brown is all about being a sad sounding song describing wonderful things.