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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The 15 Greatest Christian Rock Bands: #3

3. Earthsuit

A lot of you newly initiated into the Christian rock sphere will probably inquire of Earthsuit with a resounding, “Who?!” Don’t worry, that’s the usual response I receive when bringing up the band; and, if that’s the case, then why are they number three on the list of 15 greatest Christian rock bands? Well, every so often, we are blessed with a group of artists so great and talented with their art that what is produced by these artists is, for lack of a better word, amazing. Many times this work of art is not appreciated in its time. This is where I would place the band, Earthsuit.

Earthsuit had one of the most unique sounds of any band I have ever heard. They combined reggae, hard rock, electronica, soul, and hip hop into a very enjoyable cohesive whole. A problem arose though, because of their hard rock and hip hop elements, they were compared to Linkin Park and POD. This comparison hurt them in the end because Sparrow Records ended up dropping them because Earthsuit would not be just another rap rock/Nu-metal band. In the end, it was probably a blessing in a musical sense because their independently released album, The Rise of Modern Simulation, is, in my opinion, a masterpiece of hybrid music.

The band also had a very strong Christian message which made it amazing that a Christian band would be so off the rails musically. This showed me that a Christian band can produce music any way they want and should not be bound by the “normal” Christian rock sound. While I say this about Earthsuit, I think this rule applies to all the bands on this list.

Favorite songs: Wheel, Osmosis Land, Bloodshot Fanatical, and Foreign