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Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Top 10 Christian Songs: #7

7. Magnetic Sky by Becoming the Archetype 

Like I said when reviewing Jesus Freak, epicness scores major points with me and you don’t find much more epic music than that of Becoming the Archetype’s first single from their last album, Celestial Completion. This song is about when Christ will come back and we will receive our spiritual bodies while everything falls apart on the earth and elsewhere. I would like to include the lead up into the song, The Resonant Frequency of Flesh, as it blends seamlessly into Magnetic Sky with its Gregorian-esque chants over double bass and strings. It might be cheating to include this extra song but, hey, this is my list.

What I love about Magnetic Sky is that it is a song of pure victory. This is the end of all things and we, as Christians, have received our rewards. I just can’t help but feel triumphant when listening to this song and hearing words such as: “Here at the end of the world/Planets fall and we are rising/Soul and sky are magnetizing.” I believe Christians should feel triumphant because God and Jesus Christ have already won the war.

Becoming the Archetype (BTA) is probably my favorite metal band because their music is loud, technical, different, and filled to the brim with musical talent. There are bass lines, drum rhythms, and guitar riffs contained in any BTA song which not too many other bands can pull off and Magnetic Sky is no exception. The opening riff in general is one of the greatest song intros in recent memory.