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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The 15 Greatest Christian Rock Bands: #4

4. dc Talk

Just missing generation X, I was not privy to the Public Enemy/Anthrax collaboration, Bring the Noise, or RunDMC/Aerosmith’s Walk This Way. No, the first time I had ever heard rap and rock mixed together was through dc Talk’s Jesus Freak and what a heck of an introduction to the genre. Definitely one of the most influential and popular Christian rock bands of all time, dc Talk belongs on any top five list of greatest bands of the genre. I have already covered Jesus Freak in Top 10 Christian Songs but I don’t mind repeating that the song was one of the turning points in Christian music.

At the time, dc Talk sounded like hardly anybody. Rap rock/Nu metal was still a ways off, in terms of popularity, at the time of the albums Jesus Freak and Supernatural. Thus, I have no problem saying that those two albums were ahead of their time. Additionally because of Jesus Freak, dc Talk was one of the first bands to have constant crossover success. Their albums and singles not only peaked well on Christian charts but also on mainstream charts.

DC Talk has quite a legacy and after going on indefinite hiatus in 2000, each member pursued successful solo careers. Toby Mac is one of the most successful Christian artists of all time. Michael Tait and Kevin Max now front bands from, ironically, two of the big four of the nineties: NewsBoys and Audio Adrenaline respectively. Numerous fans still hold out hope for a reunion tour; however, with all that has transpired recently with each member, a reunion seems less and less likely. I wouldn’t be unhappy, though, if they decided to reunite.

Favorite songs: Jesus Freak, My Friend (So Long), and Dive