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Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Top 10 Christian Songs: #4

4. Destroyer by Project 86 

“The lives that you thought that were yours to devour/Destroyer, the tables have turned in this hour/The plagues you unleashed, every vice that you fed/Shall be visited here tenfold on your head.” These lines represent the lead up to the chorus and, boy, are they great lyrics. I have discussed Project 86 on this site before and probably will many times in the future because Andrew Schwab is an underrated songwriter. His lyrical mastery can be seen in many of Project’s songs such as Me Against Me, Doomsday Stomp, and Spyhunter. I chose Destroyer because it is a song of pure Christian triumph and always makes me feel good about the future in Christ.

The premise of Destroyer is that we are at the final judgment and the devil is about to finally get the punishment he deserves by being thrown in the Lake of Fire. We, God’s elect, are yelling this at the devil as he meets his demise. The chorus also sticks out to me: “Let go/Cause you know/In the end all you were was a pawn in the show.” I love this chorus because it is the ultimate insult to the devil. God was always in control and devil could do nothing to stop it.

In the end, I believe this really will be the song we are singing.