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Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Top 10 Christmas Movies: #5

5. March of the Wooden Soldiers

Babes in Toyland, an operetta written by Victor Herbert, has been a staple of Christmas entertainment through a myriad of movies and cartoons based on the work. Out of all these versions, the one that stands out is 1934’s March of the Wooden Soldiers starring Laurel and Hardy. The viewing of this movie was a family tradition every Christmas when I was younger and I still try to keep the tradition alive.

March of the Wooden Soldiers is just an enjoyable movie. It is fun to see a movie filmed in a much more innocent time when not every joke was an innuendo. Additionally, the costumes of boogie men are a site to behold. The viewer is privy to many zippers on the boogie men backs. So, check it out!