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Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Top 10 Christian Songs: #6

6. Sky Flashings by Earthsuit 

Earthsuit was a band with a style not befitting of just one genre. They performed with a mixture of reggae, hip hop, rock, and electronica and this blend of music is highlighted very well in their song, Sky Flashings, on the album Kaleidoscope Superior. The album title is a reference to the song in question from the line, “It takes a miracle kaleidoscope superior…” You might be asking about the lyric’s meaning. Well, it is all an allusion to God and His grace and power shown by nature through His creation.

Sky Flashings champions intelligent design by God Almighty and it does so very eloquently. Earthsuit was always a band with extreme musical talent and the way this song gradually swells from beginning to end is nothing but a masterstroke of instrumentation. It begins quietly with bass, guitar, and synths and ends with distorted guitars leading the way. In addition, there is just an ethereal and epic atmosphere throughout the whole song.