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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The 15 Greatest Christian Rock Bands: #6

6. The Brothers Martin

I will admit the next band on the list is kind of a cheat. You might be asking, “How does an electronic rock project with one CD belong on a list of greatest Christian rock bands?” It has everything to do with Christian rock when the two brothers Martin in question are Ronnie and Jason Martin of Joy Electric and Starflyer 59 respectively. Both bands have been around in the Christian rock scene for a very long time and deserve to be listed among the greats.

Starting in the early nineties with Dance House Children, Ronnie and Jason Martin put out electronic music with a synth-pop sound. After the end of Dance House Children, Ronnie Martin continued on in the electronic vein and Jason Martin started Starflyer 59 playing mostly alternative rock.

Starflyer 59 is definitely a rock band who has its own unique sound. Jason Martin’s vocals are somewhat low key and it really helps to bring out the backing music which is very enjoyable to listen to. Jason has also collaborated with many top names in Christian rock and Contemporary Christian music with either himself or with Starflyer 59. The current lineup even includes bassist Steven Dail from Project 86, but more on them later.

Joy Electric is an entirely different animal than the band of his brother. Ronnie Martin stuck with the synth-pop sound but with a minimalistic quality in most cases. As a fan of electronic music where most artists want to put everything and the kitchen sink into compositions, it is refreshing to hear an artist who knows how to hold back.

Favorite songs: Joy Electric: Nikola Tesla; Starflyer 59: A Housewife Love Song